About Gourmet Expedition Project

When we were young we wanted to travel all over the world and taste the local meals in as many countries as possible. Now, some 20 years later, we know that this MISSION is IMPOSSIBLE.

We decided to focus on the places much more closed to us. On our trips we usually do not visit overcrowded beaches and big city centers as we prefer to visit small towns, villages in the middle of wineries, mountain villages and other lonely places. Of course, there are some exceptions - a few capitals where we go on regular basis - London, Vienna and Riga.

We hope our opinion will be helpful for many travelers who will enjoy their journeys and vacations without spending too much time with choosing the right restaurant, hotel or even the place of their stay.

All reviews are based on our personal visit - usually with our children. 

Enjoy your journey, enjoy your meal!

Tomas & Eva